If wanting you is wrong, I don’t want to be right

We might as well start this blog out on a high note, eh?  This morning, I checked my Date Hookup account and found this email.

Apparently, according to Greg, he shouldn’t be blamed for wanting me.  Greg, I agree!  I can’t blame you.  I’m a catch.  But seriously, Greg, do you really think this email is going to get me to respond?   I mean, you’re trying a flattering approach by stating that I must “have a gazillion messages from legions of guys.”  But, Greg, as much as I’d like to say “yes” to that, I’m not quite sure that’s true.  And then he encourages me to “weed them out.”

Sorry, Greg, but yes, you’ve been weeded out.

P.S.  The blacked out part was Greg’s phone number.  In order to save him the embarrasment of mocking phone calls, I’ve blocked it out.

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