J. Allen: Why Online Dating Doesn’t Work

I’m friends with Janine Gambert Bush on facebook.  She runs J. Allen Matchmaking.  Here’s her blog’s take on online dating (written by Joseph Coupal)

Why Online Dating Doesn’t Work

– Thursday, January 12, 2012

The following are some of the most common reasons why online dating doesn’t work. If you are having problems with making your Internet relationships last here are some reasons why. Tired of trying to make them work? Try a Professional Matchmaker.

It Takes Work
Relationships take work but Internet ones take even more work. If you have a busy lifestyle, you may find it hard to keep up with the demands of online dating. Internet dating means you have to set time aside to chat or the relationship will fizzle out.

Is it Worth It?
You long to be with your Internet boyfriend or girlfriend but since he or she lives hundreds of miles away, you know it’s just not possible. After some time, this longing takes over and you start to resent your online fling.

Is the Relationship Going Anywhere?
You will find that many people who date online want to keep it on the Internet. This may be due to not feeling confident and fearing that the person will not like him or her. The problem with this is how long are you willing to stay in a relationship with someone who may never want to meet you?

Are they Online With Anyone Else?
The downside of meeting someone on the Internet is that it is possible for him or her to be chatting with other people. Even if you have been talking with this person for a while, he or she may be tempted to stray. The Internet has made it easy for people to cheat emotionally.

They Weren’t Totally Truthful
Your online date is great to chat with on the Internet but when you meet the person in real life, you may not actually like him or her. It’s not that the person lied to you; it’s just that maybe the person’s profile or photo was not totally accurate.

It Gets Old
It isn’t easy to sit on your computer and talk with your online date every night. After a few months, it’s not as exciting and it is easy to be bored.

It may make sense for you to try another, less time consuming and more promising way to start dating someone and find your soul mate; contact J. Allen Matchmaking.

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