What’s with all of the tickling fetishes?

I don’t know if any other daters out there hear from men with tickling fetishes as much as I do.  John wrote to me recently and said:

You’ve got to give John props for starting out with a compliment by saying not only do I look like a “real cutie” but I sound like one too.  Not sure how I can sound like a cutie, but I digress.  Then he goes in for the kill!  He asks if my feet are ticklish.  Why, yes, John, they are?  In fact, often, when I sit in the chair to get a pedicure, I start uncontrollably laughing.  It’s a very uncomfortable feeling and usually makes me want to running for the hills.

So, yes, John, yes.  I am very ticklish.  But the thought of you touching my feet makes me nauseous.

Then, there’s Paul.  Wow, Paul is “humorous, horney, and ticklish.”  Oh Paul.  If only you knew how to spell “horny.”  But, I give him props for putting it out there.

How you doin'?

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