I’m calling it “research.”

Am I becoming a regular at speed dating?  Gulp.  I just got this email from “And that’s why you’re single Boston”

“In order to compensate for last minute cancellations and no-shows, we like to have extra people on hand to participate in our speeddating events. I have 2 male and 2 female free/comp spots for our speeddating event tonight  Jan 14 Ages 25-38.”

I’m going out tonight to celebrate a coworker’s birthday, but it can’t hurt to start the night with a little research.  Come on, admit it – you know you want me to go so I can report back to you on the event.

And the best part?  The age range will give me lots of material.  So, I signed up for a free night of dating research.  I might even take out a notebook and write notes so I can share the good stuff.  Until then.

It’s now 4pm.  As I expected, I’m skipping the speed dating tonight.  I mean, what the heck would I have in common with a 25 year old anyhow?  It’ll give me more time to watch Netflix.


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