The good guys

I know, I’ve been focused on the guys who may not make the cut.  The truth is – there are plenty of guys who are online who are worth dating.  I spent my Friday night (let’s not discuss the fact that I skipped dinner with friends and a singles event to do this) looking for “the good ones.”

Here a few excerpts from guys that sound like they have a good head on their shoulders.



Well put.







Great.  I like him.  Get’s right to the point.  Trust him, meet him, and you won’t regret it.





Good, realistic age range.  Not a great speller, but he tells you up front: He doesn’t do drugs, has had a good job, and “coffee is is fun.”




Enjoys laughing.  Check.

Expand horizons. Check.

Goal Oriented.  Check.

Kind person with kind heart.  Check.

How you doin'?

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