Make me quiver!

If you’re on Ok Cupid, then you know about the Quiver matches.  These are people that Ok Cupid have magically chosen for you because you have things in common.  Usually, my Quiver matches are way too athletic and good looking for me.  I usually prefer a nerdier, more academic guy.  Athletic guys intimidate me – if they show their Marathon photo, I immediately press delete.  Again, intimidating.

But, today, something exciting happened.  I made someone Quiver!  Yes, friends, I popped up as someone’s Quiver match and they liked me.  They really liked me!  Excited, I pulled up his email:

Ok, so Mr. Ok Cupid Robot tells me that I was accepted as Jason’s Quiver match!  Yay!  Then I read his email and he begins by “thanking me for replying back.”   I was so confused.  Had I written to him before?  Then I realize he was giving me a pre-Thank You in anticipation of me writing back.  Uh ok.  Confusing, but chivalrous.

Then he says “well just let me know when you are free.”  Not sure when I ever implied to him that I WASN’T free.

And of course the ole “have a nice day.”

Oh Jason.  If only you had written something completely different – then maybe I would have responded.  But Jason, you have a nice day too.


How you doin'?

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