Picking up chicks

So, I may be “sans” boyfriend but I don’t have any trouble picking up women.  Any of you single ladies have this ability as well?  You know, you’re at a singles event and you get to talking to another woman and before you know it, you’re exchanging phone numbers.  You walk out with a iPhone full of digits, but none of them are from men.

Happens to me all of the time.  And, trust me, I love making news friends.  It’s also wonderful to meet other single ladies when you’re 37 and most of your friends having hubbies and kids.  Don’t get me wrong – I love my married friends and wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world – but when you’re single, sometimes you just want to giggle with someone and compare dating notes.

I met this terrific girl at a Jewish singles event a few months ago and we’ve hung out since. She’s a sweetheart and I like her company.  And, I also have since become friends with the woman who runs speed dating.  In fact, she is encouraging me to sign up for Saturday night so we can have dinner afterwards.

My first date in a few weeks…

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