Too many choices?

Do you think there are too many choices out there in terms of online dating sites?  Ian Kerner seems to think so.  In his blog on, he said that those of us using online dating sites may not been too picky, but rather, have too many choices.

Interestingly, he also writes:

There’s evidence that even non-Web-based dating services can suffer from the challenge of choice: A study of people attending speed-dating events, published in the August 2011 issue of Biology Letters, found that they made fewer decisions to date when they attended events with higher numbers of candidates and greater variety. Again, the researchers concluded that people who have too many options will choose nothing.

Ok, this is interesting food for thought.  So, sifting through the 100’s of people I connect with online is not a good way to find “the one?”  No.  In fact, the article says that we shouldn’t focus on finding the perfect person, but rather, someone who works well with us.  Well, here’s to hoping for all of you single readers out there!


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