Cruising with the Singles

It took me a long, long time to admit to people that I go on singles vacations.  But, the reality is, when you’re single, in your 30s, and you like to travel, it’s a great option.  I’ve gone on some Jewish singles trips, including one to Costa Rica, but I’ve expanded beyond those (mostly because they end up costing too much).  Lately, I’m into singles cruises.  Next month, I’m taking my 3rd trip with  My first two cruises were European cruises – very reasonably priced – and resulted in creating many, many new friendships (yes, mostly woman – see my last post).  I have a friend in Las Vegas that I’ve gone to visit and will see again in March.  And, I’m traveling on my next trip with friends I met over the summer in Europe.

Why do I like taking singles cruises?

  • Reasonably priced
  • Instant friends, but also time to spend on your own if you want
  • Happy Hour (free drinks!)
  • chance to meet men
  • always have a good time – party
  • chance to visit places
  • cruises are fun and all inclusive
  • we have our own “singles only” excursions

I promise – no one from asked me to post this.  I’m just doing it because   I think it is such a great way to travel.

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