Anatomy of a Speed Date

Alternative title:  How I spent my Saturday night.

So, I went back to speed dating last night.  I received another email for a complimentary space and it hit me – I can go and write about it on my blog.

For those of you who are curious about speed dating and whether it is right for you, or if you’re married and just want to hear about it – here’s the lowdown.

I arrived at the start of the event at 6pm last night at a bar in Boston.  My friend (see post “Picking up Chicks”) was running the event so we decided to have dinner afterwards.

Caught up a little with her, grabbed a glass of white wine (good to have on hand if you want to have an opportunity to pause during a not-so-stimulating convo on a speed date), and put my stuff down at table 3  – my spot for the night.

First up was J.  He was attractive and obviously much younger than me.  I could tell he wasn’t a pro at speed dating and talking to women.  He bit his lip a lot and talked a lot about his job.  Didn’t have anything interesting to say.

Next, I met L.  He looked old.  He was either one of those people that look at lot older than they really are or he lied about his age to get into the event.  He wasn’t unattractive, but when he told me about some of the semi-professional sports he participates in, I knew we’d never mesh.

Then, S.  Such a sweetheart.  Skinny, funny, cute, very young.  We had quite a few things in common.  He’d make a great little brother.

Then I met G.  He was a big no.

P was up next.  Definitely the hottest of them all.  I seriously think he just graduated from college.  He didn’t look at day over 25.  I think he might have just gotten out of a relationship because he told me his sister was trying to set him up with all of her friends and he had also signed up for speed dating next Tuesday.

Last up with J.  He’s the only one I saw a remote possibility of potential.  He was professional, had a good job, and made me promise not to write anything incriminating about him on my blog (yes, it’s a long story, but he knows about this place).

There was one more guy at the event.  His name is Mike.  His name gets mentioned because he’s a big asshole.  I met him at another speed dating event and though he was an asshole at that time too.  Apparently, I didn’t get a date with him because he left in the middle.  He was sitting and talking to another girl he had already met and apparently he said to her, “Wait, I’ve already met you, right?”  Once he realized that, he got up in the middle of their date and left.

The way I look at it – Mike had two choices.  He could have done been a mensch and done the right thing: finished his dates (10 minutes of his life) and then gone home.  Or, he could have done what he did – the wrong thing – and walk out like a (pardon my language) like a big pussy.  He made the wrong choice because he looked like a complete jackass and he is now going to be banned from ever coming back.  Tool!  I’m tempted to post a link to Mike’s meetup profile here but I won’t.  So, I’ll just tell you that if you go to the Boston Meetup group “And that’s why you’re single Boston” and look for a Mike who happened to have attended an event on Jan 28, you might be able to find him.  Just saying.

And if you’re reading this and you know Mike, be sure to tell him that there is a whole roomful of ladies who agree!  Nice work, Mike!

So, on a scale from one to ten, I’d give last night’s event a 3.  2 points for a nice convo with J and 1 because it gave me info for my blog (though nothing really juicy).

But there were three highlights from the event:

1.  When I was talking to J, he said, “tell me about the history of your necklace.”  Honest me responds quickly, “Um, I bought it at Old Navy.”

He laughed.

Then I quickly said, “No, no, I mean, I bought it in Tibet.  I looked across the desert…wait, is there a desert in Tibet?….and saw this lone vendor selling his wares.  I looked up and there was this necklace!  I swear, no Old Navy.”

Later that evening, as I retold the story to my friend, I said, “Good thing I didn’t tell him it was in clearance for $3.”

2. At the end of the evening, I turned to my friend who was running the event and said (unbeknownst to me, very loudly), “Well, at least I was sober for this one!” Everyone in the room (luckily, just the ladies were left) started laughing out loud.  I turned around and saw that everyone had heard me.  Oops.

3. At the beginning of the night, a young woman approached me with a handshake.  She introduced herself and told me she was a college student studying different types of people/populations.  She and her fellow student were studying people who went to speed dating.  I talked to her for a while about it and gave her a link to my blog.  So, hello if you are reading this!

Update on 1/30/12: J & I were a match!

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