What’s your opinion on Valentine’s Day?  Love it, hate it?

To me, it’s a Hallmark-holiday.  You know, one of those minor holidays that have exploded over the last 20-3o years thanks to the rise of the Hallmark card.

I’ve only celebrate VD a few times with a guy.  Perhaps the most memorable was celebrating with my college boyfriend, who bought me flowers and satin PJs from Victoria’s Secret.  I tend to be single the majority of the time, so I’m used to either ignoring the holiday or watching Lifetime movies in secret at home in my pajamas.

But this year, I’ve been asked out on VD.  And to be honest, I’m kinda excited about that.  It’s a first date so I don’t care about the flowers or candy or hearts.  I’m just happy to have something to do that night that doesn’t include celebrating my nephew’s birthday (he turns 20 on Feb 14).

No pressure because it is VD.  It’s just nice to know that someone else will be thinking of me on that day.

How you doin'?

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