Craig’s List and the Missed Connections

Are you a closet reader of Craig’s List Missed Connections?  I used to be.  Years ago, I would read it every day just in case that someone special had seen me across a crowded room and just had to meet me.  And the reality is – no one every mentioned me.

It got sad so I stopped reading them – until tonight.

Here are some of my favorites and my catty comments (in red)

Walmart – Cashier / Cutest Ever – m4w – 26 (Walmart – Norwood,MA)

Saw you at the cash station at the Walmart in Norwood last Saturday.
Trust me you were the most beautiful girl i ever cam across. So wish i get connected.

(JR’s Catty Comment: Apparently, Walmart breeds cute cashiers.  Too bad he can’t spell.)

Retail Rendevous 

I was working and you were shopping.At Patriot Place. I can’t forget your beautiful hair and smile. You bought antivirus software and asked about a kitten. I should have asked you out right there but got distracted by my job. Come shop again.

(JR’s catty comment:  Oh. My. God.  She likes software and kittens?!  Perfection.)

Davis Square BSC – guy wearing tights and spandex – w4m – 25 (davis square)

I have recently been seeing this guy who is like 30ish and like super into working out with this kettelbell things. He has a beard and wears a bandana, and he usually wears spandex tights or spandex short shorts. He’s pretty intense and pretty hot.

has anybody seen him? anybody know him or his name?

(JR’s catty comment:  Girl, you’re seriously try to track down a guy who wears tights AND spandex?  Oh honey.  We need to talk.)

BU Fitrec locker room shower – m4m – 24 (BU fitrec)

Tonight around 6 oclock you were getting out of the shower in the locker room on the lower level. You have an AMAZING ass and gorgeous cock. Seriously I was like… stunned. Whether you are gay/straight/bi – WHATEVER- if you see this please email me. Tell me which shower stall you were in and what color your shirt was so I know it’s you. I was the guy blatantly checking you out from my shower stall as we were drying off 🙂

(JR’s blushing comment:  I knew I shouldn’t have gone into the M4M section….)

M4W: My Silent Love For you (Location: Loving You from Afar)

I’ve written from my heart all I could never say to you. The love I have for you deep in my heart I’m holding out in hopes that one day I can hold you in my arms forever. But in all reality I know it will never be. My heart longs for you each night and day it doesn’t go away. All I’m feeling is fine so as long as never tell you. I can’t even try to love another woman while my heart is truly in love with you. I know you’ll never see the best in me no matter how hard you look, but that’s ok. I know you’d never believe me if I told you I’m in love with you anyway. Simply because I am in love with you for no other reason that I am in love with you, if that makes any sense. It’s not that simple though is it, no it never is. I often wonder is it wrong for me to even feel this way about you as I try to doubt it myself, but than I’d be in denial. I don’t bother with you so as not to wig you out. So no worries I’m not the stalking type. I would never ever harm you. I would kill to protect you and die doing so and be happy. Love is a funny thing and can make people do stupid things, I can’t and will not let that happen with me. I keep my distance saying very little. I don’t need you to think of me any worse than you do. You would think I was crazy for telling you I’m in love with you in the first place. I know my love for you doesn’t stand a chance nor would you accept my love for you. The next best thing to look forward to other than being in love with you now is my death. None of this will matter then. One way or the other, I just want it to end.

(JR’s concerned comment: I hope this dude is getting therapy.  Fast.)

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