Scammers Beware!

If you read my last blog post, you might see a comment implying that the last guy might have been an internet scammer.  So, it got me thinking  – how can you tell if someone is a scammer?  How can you prevent from being scammed?  First of all, use your head.  If your instincts are flashing “Altert! Alert!” chances are, you’ll want to stay far, far away.

So, I did a little (ironically) online research to learn more about dating scams and the ladies or gentlemen who were duped by them.

On, there’s an article from 2005 about a woman who was duped by a man who asked her to wire money to Nigeria. I’m going to cut her some slack because it was 7 years ago, but I think it is safe to assume, now, that we all know that when someone asks you to wire money to most African countries, it is most likely a scammer.  Have you or  a friend ever had their Facebook account hijacked from someone who says they are in London and lost all of their money?  Yep, that’s also a common scam.

On the British blog “Ditch or Snog,” we learn that once a scammer lands an online account, they’ll identify their victim, seduce them, and then make the ask for money.  Apparently, they’ll have an excuse for everything.  Basically, if anyone asks for money, run run run!

The Better Business Bureau recommends that you keep your online communication on the dating website and meet in person (in a safe place, of course).  They suggest you protect your personal information (you know, don’t give out your social security number until the 2nd date) and do not succumb to high pressure tactics (basically, don’t send them an airplane ticket until the 2nd date).

My friends, the bottom line is:

  • Think with your head, not with your heart.
  • If someone asks you for money, be smart and save it to buy yourself (or even better, buy me) a Coach bag instead.
  • Suggest to meet your online suitor in person in a public place (basically, don’t bring him to your place until the 2nd date)


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