Online Profile Re-Do: And I need you!

I’ve been participating in online dating for about 10+ years.  In some ways, that makes me incredibly sad, but in other ways, it reminds me that there is a great method out there to meet people.  I’ve dated a lot of guys that I’ve met online and have even had a few relationships blossom as a result.

Every so often, I make some modifications to my profiles – add a new photo, change my headline – you name it.  But a friend recently suggested that I start from scratch.  So, I’ve redone my OKCupid profile.  I think it is still a little too stuffy and doesn’t show my fun-side, but I’m getting there.

If you were going to recreate your online profile, what would you change?  Men, what would you like to know about a woman in her profile?  Help!

(I know there are a lot of people reading this blog – I look at my stats & friends tell me that they are reading- so please help me out.  If you want to remain anonymous in your responses, just make up a name.  But, please help a single girl out!)


How you doin'?

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