Speed Dating…..again….

March is going to be a whirlwind for me with business trips to New York and Las Vegas.  However, I do not want that to cramp my dating style.  So, I looked at 8minutedating.com and saw that there is a 35-45 speed dating on Tuesday night in Boston.  I’m 37 and am happy to see an age range where I am on the younger end.  Usually, I’m on the older end.  I am on the the “Waiting List.”  If more guys sign up, then I suspect I’ll be “confirmed” for the event.  More fodder for the blog.  Will keep you posted!

March 5, 2012:  8minutedating sucks!  This is the 2nd time they didn’t confirm me for speed dating.  So, I’m going to a “date and dash” party.  God help me.

How you doin'?

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