Listen to your gut and know when enough is enough.

What does your gut tell you?  Mine tells me to take a breather from the speed dating, the online dating, the singles cruises, and anything else that has the word “single” or “dating” in the title.  I was talking to a friend at work today and she said that sometimes you need to take a breather and not try so hard.

And she’s right (if you’re reading this, thanks!).  But, more importantly, my gut is telling me it too.  And it was proven tonight.  I attempted my final speed dating journey for a while (biz trips coming up) and alas, only two people showed up – and we were both women.  As much as I enjoy the company of other females, I don’t want to date them.  I arrived right on time and we waited about 10 minutes before saying goodbye.  The woman running the event apologized many times.  I told her that the men would start creeping back out to speed dating when spring arrived.  I said, “Trust me.  Just watch.  Their libido returns upon the first bloom.”  Right now, they’re resting up, hibernating for the winter, and most likely, watching hockey and waiting for spring training.

Before we parted, I took a shot to show you what my evening was like.

I even put on mascara and trust me, that is a very rare occurrence for yours truly.

So, my friends, I am going to let nature take its course for a while.  If I happen upon an eligible gentleman who would like to go out on a date, I’m not opposed to it.  But, I’m not going to drive myself batty about it.

Sigh.  I feel good.  Now, what am I going to with my free nights?

P.S.  Thank you to everyone who has expressed their support with the whole situation with Kimmy from the cruise.  I talked about it with my nutritionist today and she was proud of how I handled the situation.  I also said that it doesn’t offend me if someone calls me fat – I am fat, curvy, voluptuous, juicy – but I don’t let it define me.  I prefer to define myself as intelligent, honest, thoughtful, and a good friend.  Those are lasting traits.

2 thoughts on “Listen to your gut and know when enough is enough.

  1. That’s good, because based on your PMS rant of the other day I felt like reminding you that you don’t have to date. I mean, if you view as a fun project or way to use up some headspace, like Mindy Kaling looks at dieting, that’s great. But as someone who has had her loner lifestyle somewhat predetermined since childhood and is single not fully by choice, it’s an irritation to see people fixated on coupling up and also often making really shitty decisions about mates because of that desperation.

    1. Kerry, you’re completely right (except for the part about your loner lifestyle being defined since childhood since I recall being your friend since childhood. So there! [sticking out my tongue]).

      But, truthfully, I go through phases about the desire to “couple up.” This has been one of those “cry me a river phases” often triggered by a dateless holiday celebration or participating in a singles vacation and coming out…single….again….

      Keep reading and keep the comments coming!

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