Discussing legal prostitution over burgers

At lunch today with one of my male friends, we began discussing my upcoming business trip to Las Vegas.  He had just come back from a week in Costa Rica, where he boasted that he had had 3 massages while on vacation, and of course I had to bust his balls and insinuate that he had had a happy ending on at least one of those massages  (he denies it but I’m not buying it….just kidding.).

Anyhow, I asked him if he had seen the signs in the San Jose airport highly encouraging people to not molest or take advantage of under age hookers (or something like that).  He did and then we got onto the topic of legal prostitution.

He asked me if I had heard of Pahrump, NV.  I hadn’t.  Apparently it is the home of legal prostitution in Nevada.  I asked him how much it cost for services rendered.  He said he didn’t know, but we were both curious.  So, in typical fashion, he and I quickly googled “Pahrump, NV prostitution fees.”

And wouldn’t you know it?  A yelp profile appeared!




We decided to look up Sheri’s Ranch. It didn’t give us prices, but since it had the highest ratings on yelp, we checked it out.






This is the part that amused me the most.  Good ol’ Robert J, photo and all, said that he had a great time at Sheri’s and that it was “very classy.”  Wonderful, fabulous, and … if Robert should ever contact you on a dating site, you might want to reconsider.


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