One out of eight Boston men expect sex on the first date.

Did you miss me?  I know, it’s been a week since I blogged.  Business trips happen.

While I was away, I noticed an article in that referenced an online article from  Are you familiar with Glamour magazine?  It’s been around since 1939, and trust me when I tell you that I can only imagine that it’s changed a lot since it was first published.  Nowadays, it is filled it articles on “What’s his favorite sexual position?” or “How to lose 10 pounds in 10 days on 10 calories.”

Anyhow, now that you know all you need to know about Glamour, I’ll tell you more about this article.  It’s called “The Secret Dating Life of American Singles.”  The article reads:

Ever wonder where the guys are? Are they all in Alaska? And what if you’re not into moose? Glamour wondered too, so we canvassed the country and partnered with to survey 8,000 singles in the 10 most populous cities and 10 most populous states in the United States. First things first: In every state in the Union, there are more unmarried men than women ages 18 to 39—God bless America! Ladies of the U.S.A., here are the best and worst places to connect, hook up and get serious with a guy right now.

So, are you dying to know what and Glamour discovered?  Here are the highlights (with my snide comments in red).

  • Forty percent of Georgia women expect to spend nothing on a date.  [I guess that says something about the expectation of Southern charm.  When a guy splits the check with me, it tells me he ain’t interested.]
  • Unlike the 50 states, Washington, D.C., has more young single women than men: 53 percent to 47 percent [Ah, I see.  This is why I never dated when I lived in DC.  Yep.  Had nothing to do with my uptight personality.  Nope, I blame statistics.]
  • One out of eight Boston men expect sex on the first date—the highest ratio of any city.  [But do they respect us in the morning?]
  • Women are unhappiest with their dating lives in Boston (26.4 percent) [Maybe because we’re expected to have sex on the first date?!]
  • 39 percent of California men call or text on the way home to say they had a good time. [nice.]
  • 39 percent of Texas guys expect to spend $50-plus on a date. [Great, that means no McStarbucks!]

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