I am looking to meet someone who is drama free, my queen.

Got a few gems today on the dating website scene.

First up is Harry.  Now, I like the name Harry.  My boyfriend in nursery school was named Harry so it sits well with me.  Harry’s photo looks like one you’d find in a photo frame at Target.  So, I glanced at the others.  If it is really him, he is model gorgeous.  I’m thinking they’re fake.

Harry writes in his broken English that he “wish chat with cute woman like u.”  I’m thinking that this one’s a spammer because he uses “u” and mentions his yahoo account.  He does refer to me as his “queen” which is always nice.  I also know this is spam because he says “cuse can’t chat here again cuse I must subscrib” and I’m pretty sure this site is free.

The next profiler sent me a “wink” and, therefore, I looked at what he had to say in his “about me” section.  He would like to meet someone who “is drama free” [are there any drama free people these days?!].  He makes a few other good points.  The problem?  It is all one run on sentence with no punctuation.  This tells me that he is probably not the most intelligent guy on the block.  Pass.

One thought on “I am looking to meet someone who is drama free, my queen.

  1. What even does that mean? You only want to date people who’ve been waiting in a box for you to show up and open it? Everyone has got drama, or at least drama potential, in his life.

    That always reminds me of the people who write into Carolyn Hax saying, “I’m engaged to this wonderful man, everything’s great, I trust him implicitly.. ” and there’s this huge thing that indicates the writer has no concept of the word trust and what it means. That they are just repeating this words without any sort of analysis or consideration of if it is true.

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