Are there any opera lovers out there?

I’m ashamed to admit to you all, but I have had little to blog about because I have had no dates in a while.  It’s not because I’m a loser (yeah, that’s right!) but I’ve been away for most of the past month on business trips.

So, alas, I sit here and stare at a blank screen, wondering how to fill the “pages” of this blog with amusing stories of dates gone bad and funny online postings when I’ve been experiencing a dry spell.

I just switched on my SiriusXM radio and am (yes, I admit it) listening to Met Opera radio.  Up next is La Boheme by Puccini.  Why can’t life be like an opera?  If you’ve seen the play Rent, then you’ll get the gist of La Boheme.  It’s a great story, but of course includes a beautiful love story, as most operas do.  And it is sung in Italian.  It doesn’t get much dreamier than that.

Perhaps this is my challenge?  I listen to opera and I like it.  Are there (straight) men out there who enjoy a good opera?  It is a turn off that I prefer intellectual stimulation to fart jokes?

Since I don’t have any current dating stories, I think I’ll share a classic dating story in my next blog post.  Some of you may have heard these stories, but in all seriousness, they never get old, do they?



One thought on “Are there any opera lovers out there?

  1. My ex liked opera–his mom had trained at CIM as an opera singer and passed along her love to him. And he is straight.

    I’d just like to find a guy who reads contemporary fiction, and not exclusively science fiction or fantasy. I do know one serious reader; however he’s married to my sister.

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