Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I’ve got nothing.  I haven’t been checking out online dating profiles.  I signed up for speed dating tonight but it was cancelled due to lack of interest.  I’ve had no dates.  I’ve got nothing.

This doesn’t surprise me since I have little free time these days.  I actually went out tonight, though, for the first time in ages.  And, it felt good!  I even stayed awake and out until 12:30am.  I listened to a few bands and now I’m home – wired – with that awful ringing in your ears despite the noble efforts of wearing ear plugs.  As I looked around the small bar tonight, I saw lots of couples.  And some singles, like myself.  But no prospects.

I need to break out of this dating slump.  Someone privately wrote me on Facebook and told me my post about A. (see previous post) was “funny but also sad.”  He wished that I would find love.  And, I agree with him.  I’d like to find love.  But, love has to also find me.

So, it’s 1:21am.  Maybe it’s time to troll the dating sites for a few minutes?  Who am I kidding – I’m off to watch One Tree Hill on hulu.  Nighty night!

Major props to those who get this reference ——–>

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