Mother Knows Best

A while back, I blogged about a Jewish dating site called  I’ve been thinking about it for a while so during the past weekend when I was visiting my folks for Passover, we got to work!

Let me describe the scene:

Mom, Dad, and I were sitting in the den when it hit me that we needed to join the site.  I sat at the computer and create my mom’s login info.  Trust me, it would’ve taken a LOT longer had I not done the typing.  We uploaded a photo of her from the night before at our Passover seder.  She had to write a blurb about “our family” and then she had to answer questions about me, my interests, and qualities she’d like to see in my future man.  The whole experience was hilarious.  My mom would respond, then my dad would interject, and I, of course, would edit it.  Here’s what my parents wrote:

It was then dinner time, so we all went out for Japanese.  We came home and my mom handed me her iPad.  “Ok,” she said, “Now we have to write to the other moms.”

We identified three eligible bachelors that looked cute & seemed like a good fit.  Mom verbally composed her emails while I typed.  She said she’d need me to do this all of the time.  I told her we needed to call in reinforcement.  So, I dialed my sister-in-law.  Via speaker phone, we told her that my mom was going to need her support with this.  My mom said jokingly, “This is too much pressure!”

Click!  We sent off the three emails.

Exactly one minute later, my mom began checking her email, waiting for the responses.  “Why haven’t they responded yet?  Where are they?”

I explained that they might not be sitting with their iPads in their laps, waiting for emails from  I thought they might be busy doing….oh, I don’t know…anything else?

It’s now 9pm the next evening.  My mom called a little while ago and said she hadn’t gotten any responses.  She thought that maybe they needed to talk to their sons first before writing back.  Sadly, I’ve been here before.  I’ve been dissed before on dating sites, but unfortunately, my parents – happily married for 43 years – may now have their first taste of online dating rejection.

But, let’s not give up hope yet, my friends!  Mother knows best, right?

How you doin'?

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