If you don’t want it mocked, then maybe check your spelling first?

I just got this perplexing comment from an anonymous poster.  I think it was spam, but then again, it was a fairly coherent post until he started mentioning God Bless and prayer and stuff.  I realize that if the person knew me, they’d know that’s not my style unless someone sneezes and I respond “Bless you.”  That’s about the extent of my religiosity.

But, it did teach me a lesson.  I wanted to point out my “Disclaimer” post at the top of this screen.  My motivation behind this website is not to embarrass or out anyone in a way that would affect or harm them.  It’s simple a place to laugh, vent, and bitch about the cruel yet often rewarding world of dating.

If you read this site and see something that you think you may have written to me, you have a few options:

1.  You can be flattered that you made the cut.

2. You can email me and ask me to delete the post (which I may or may not do, depending on what it is).

3. You can make a comment (which I have the right to approve or reject) in response.

4.  You can secretly curse me inside your head, but then realize you’re the one who wrote the post in the first place.

I will gently remind you that most online dating sites are open to anyone to join so anyone could potentially see what you post in terms of pictures or text.  Private messages, however, are a different story which is why I do my best to remove any identifying factors.

Now, my friends, go forth and date!


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