BangBangYumYum: Tales of

It’s 12:45am and sadly, I’m still awake.  I’d prefer to be sleeping but instead, I’m writing a blog post and listening to Howard Stern (for a change).

Every time I listen, I end up hearing commercials for various dating sites (see my previous post on Ashley Madison) including a doozy called  The commercials annoy the shit out of me – I know they’re coming because they start out with a loud “growl.”

So, let’s explore this website together.

Ok, I filled out the form to look for “cubs” who are ages 35-47.

I filled out a quick form and then this pops up:

What is this, Craig’s List?

I checked “no” (I just told you it is almost 1am) and then my connections pop up.  Check out who is first:

Yawn.  Moving on.

I like this guy.  He’s obviously trying to hide SOMETHING.

And, for my conclusion, I leave you with Mr. Bang Bang Yum Yum.

Now, if only he had called himself YumYumBangBang  – then I might have responded.

How you doin'?

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