The King and Effective Communication

Next up: The King:

Hello Pretty

Hello How are you doing? Well,I liked what I saw on your profile and I would love to go further and get to know each

other.WOW!!!you r looking gorgeous .You sounds like a down to earth lady who knows what she want out of life.

King Jefferson

Wow, I wonder where his Kingdom is?

Then, we have Tyler:

Hello there

How are you doing, Are you on here to find that remarkable man? If so I would like to know more about you. I’m Tyler by name , I am a extremely active, energetic, professional working for the US Army, currently in Oversea on Deployment. Life may not be a bed of roses daily, but if you can handle some of the thorns that come along, it will help establish that testimony. I strongly believe with Effective Communication we can get to know each other exceedingly well and Lets see what happens between Us. If you’re interested, send me an email.



Tyler sounds sweet but the whole bit about “Effective Communication” reminds me of something you’d write in a performance review.

And finally, we have Ryan:


So sorry to infringe on your privacy it’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words,but when I saw yours it was more than words could explain.The charming profile is irresistible though a little personal message but your look tells a lot about a nice person…so i had to drop a message to the charming person with this great profile Just want to know you better and be a friend or more. Hope to hear from you sometime.Ryan

According to Ryan’s email, my “charming profile is irresistible” and “my look tells a lot about a nice person.”  He was so inspired that he had “to drop a message to the charming person with this great profile.”  Damnit, Ryan, you’re right – I am charming. And he’s hot!

So I responded appropriately: “Thanks Ryan.  You’re cute!”


How you doin'?

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