Good Evening from Craig’s List

Ok, my friends, let’s see who is on Craig’s List right now looking for a date (and trust me, I use the word “date” loosely).  I’m always up for seeing who is out there.  Trust me, these are all authentic posts from CL.  I couldn’t make this shit up even if I tried.

Ok, here’s our first contender.

Sex, like right now. (yes i just said that) – 32 (Boston/Cambridge)

… I might as well get right to the point right? We both kind of want the same thing tonight so lets just do it right? If we have to met for a drink first, lets do that then too.
About me: Cute, creative, in good shape, down to earth, great kisser and recently single (and hence 100% clean)
You: Attractive, relatively thin, fun, good sense of humor and definitely spontaneous today.Lets exchange photos and get this going 🙂

I love how he says “if we HAVE to meet up for a drink first….”
Next up.

Got Big Boobs and love to laugh? – 38 (MA)

Then say hello to this tall, passionate,witty single man . Put BIG BOOBS in your reply please:)
Good.  I’m glad he told us how to make our email stand out amongst the viagra spam and emails from his boss.
Next up is our buddy, Nick.

Should you be spanked? – 49 (Boston / Metro)

Remember when you were caught doing something bad and you were spanked? You cried but down deep you enjoyed the punishment. Have you fantasized about being with a strong man who would not put up with your complaining, your attitude or your actions. Does this fantasy excite you?Guess what? You are normal. Most strong, intelligent and creative women would love to give up control on occassion but they can’t usually find a man who will take such control over them.

Explore with me.


Ahem. Moving on.

Horseback rides given by SWM for a non white woman (Hyde Park (Georgetowne))

Are there any non-white women interested in receiving horseback rides from a SWM in Hyde Park? Besides giving horseback rides, I enjoy cooking for my lady, LOVE kissing, pillow talk, going to art museums and marathon telephone conversations. Like all men I enjoy sex but for me it is my lowest priority. I care much more about emotional closeness. If you give me a chance I could prove I am speaking the truth. I am 52 years old and stand 5’11 weighing in at 245 lbs. You can be any shape or poundage, in fact I think larger sized girls are hot.

Seeking an anal minded woman among the throngs of craigslist – 46 (Boston)

I am a tall and attractive guy hoping to find a gal interested in a LTR who like me, has an anal fixation. I seek a woman who would enjoy exploring anal pleasure with me on a regular basis. I know how difficult it is likely to be for most women to respond to an ad like this and tell someone you don’t even know you might love this as much as I do so I’m ready to spend as long as you need just communicating by email and then phone before we meet. Only when and if some trust develops over time can this ever really happen.Many women come to craigslist to read these ads for entertainment and to observe the ‘human condition’ and are reading this because they are just curious. I guess this means that we men who place ads here are in a way very minor entertainers. So maybe I should explain to the casual observer whether or not it is possibe for a guy posting an ad like this to find ‘anal romance’. The answer is YES, eventually, because I know there are woman everywhere, with some reading this ad who do prefer anal. I am looking for the special ‘anal girl’ reading who is intrigued and really into this idea in a big way. Yes I know I sound like a typical aroused guy searching only for sex and most women are probably scoffing at the very idea of ‘anal romance’ but I am honestly hoping that any woman I might meet will be the soulmate of my dreams. Besides liking women who are original enough in their sexuality to be deeply into anal sensations, I also love women who are original thinkers in other ways and who are intelligent, have a wildly offbeat sense of humor and who think ‘outside the box’. If you are this kind of a woman and would like to meet a kindred spirit then get in touch.


Young CEO Seeks Charming College Girl – 35 (Boston)

About myself: I am a 35-year-old business executive from Asia, 5’7″, gentle and good looking. I graduated from Harvard SEAS and came back to Boston a few times every year. I know how to treat a lady. I like holding the door for her, taking her out to dinner, and bringing her flowers. Let us start a unforgettable romance together.I am seeking a gorgeous young lady for long term companionship. Please be height/weight proportional. I desire cute smile and warm heart. If you need financial help, I should be more thank happy to give you a hand.

If interested, please reply and attach a recent photo along. I will reply with my photo too.

Eesh.  Offering the financial help was the killer.
Writing this post has given me an idea for a future blog post.  I’m going to post a personal ad on CL and see what kind of responses I get.  I’ll post what I can!

2 thoughts on “Good Evening from Craig’s List

    1. Oh my gosh, wait until you read my follow up post. I tried my experiment and you won’t believe the emails that were waiting for me this morning in my in-box. I’ll try to blog about it tonight!

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