The Craig’s List Experiment: Backseat Fun

Another guy sent me a very steamy story of his while fooling around with a friend in the backseat of their car.

Here’s a highlight from the story he called “Backseat Fun.”

We were going to a basketball tournament about five hours away. We go to this tournament each year we have a great time playing and of course partying. Usually one or two of the wives will come and this year my wife decided to come. We took our eight seater SUV and we drove drown with a couple of the guys from the team. My wife is always open the guys love hanging out with her she can definitely be just one of the guys at times. One of the guys that was going with us is someone that she has flirted with for a long time. We even use him quite a bit in our role-playing . I’m always talking to her about messing around with him and doing whatever she wants. Of course with being one of our good friends we never have pushed the limits because we are friends with them and have a lot of friends in common.. He is also married and my wife is very good friends with his wife. The four of us go out to dinner quite a bit.

[Long story short, wife hooks up with husband’s friend]

This happened last weekend on a Sunday and he Texted her on Monday. They have gone back and forth texting and they are going to meet up this weekend. She has shown me all the text’s they have sent and they have been very sexual.

(If you want the full story, email me.)

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