The Craig’s List Experiment: Pix of Dix

Ok.  Let’s begin with the dirty email responses from Craig’s List and get those out of the way.  I try to keep this blog PG 13 since my name is on it and well, frankly, my mom reads it.  But, I know how your mind works.  You want me to get to the dirt.

So, my first two responses to my Craig’s List post were related to f’ing and included pictures of penises.  One guy sent a picture of just his penis.  The other guy sent me a picture of a guy with his eyes blurred out, a picture of a buff bicep, and a picture of a blurry penis.  The bicep clearly did not match the skinny arms of the eyeless man in the photo, so I assumed they were pictures that were probably pulled off of some random OK Cupid post.

Again, I want to keep this relatively clean, so if you really want to see the pictures of the dicks, email me and I’ll happily send them along.  Trust me, they’re just your average male anatomy.  Nothing special.

And, as the good blogger that I am, I had to write back to the Dick guys.

Dick guy #1:

I need a good f…

I responded:

I think I was pretty clear in my post that I’m looking for content for my blog.  And you have provided that for me!  So thanks.

Dick Guy #1:

Deff who honestly doesn’t or wouldn’t enjoy a good f… lets chat pics?  Age location?

Apparently, Dick Guy #1’s loyalty to me was extremely short-lived, because he immediately followed up with:

Hey I really need some ass would you be able to post c–k pic? Maybe horny lady would want? …

So, ladies, Dick Guy #1 is looking for a “horny lady.”  He can be yours!

But, before you decide, he wouldn’t stop with the emails.  I think I counted 17 of them from him alone.  Other highlights included:

Like I replied im 24 respectful age is just number to me and luckily blessed down south…[cut off the rest to keep the PG 13 rating here]

And, now it looks like Dick Guy #1 may also be the person who has found my blog by googling “stockings” because his next email said:

So what you look like body type own stockings?  The sexy ones

Dick Guy #2’s exchange with me was short and sweet:

I think I was pretty clear in my post that I was looking for people to share stories for my blog.  But thank you for giving me some material to share with my readers.
His response:

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