Cosmo Says…

Ok, so Craig’s List wasn’t necessarily the best place to look for love.  And, according to this blog’s tagline, we’re ultimately looking for love, right?

According to Cosmopolitan magazine, there are three great places to meet men.

1. Cosmo suggests The Apple Store: I have to admit that this is a really good tip.   Apple stores are designed for browsing.  You could walk in and start admiring the latest iPad or MacBook, and in the process, start chatting up the cute guy standing next to you.  Would I ever do that?  Maybe.  I could tilt my head, twirl a curl, and giggle, “Do you know how many gigs this is?”  Giggle. Ok, you know me well enough to know that would never happen.

2. Cosmo suggests the Weight Room at the Gym: Ahem.  Ok, they’re not wrong here.  If I was the type of person to go to a gym and life weights, then I might meet a guy there.  But, trust me, I’ve gone to some gym or another off and on for years….and all I’ve ever picked up there was the notion that I hate going to the gym.  Plus, there’s all that grunting.

3. Cosmo suggests a Fortune 500 or tech company: Again, Cosmo is not wrong here.  But, what am I supposed to do?  Just walk into a Fortune 500 company and tell the receptionist I’m there scoping out the single guys? No, Cosmo suggests when you’re looking for a job, aim for a tech company.  Ok, since I’m not looking for a job, I’ll have to pass on this one.

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