Are you a slutty selfish bitch?

I knew that would get your attention!

Just watching an interesting interview on yahoo with author Tracy McMillan, who just wrote Why You’re Not Married…Yet.  Her book apparently stemmed from an article from The Huffington Post.

Her interview about the book highlights three main reasons that might preventing you from marriage:

1.  “You’re a bitch.” – Tracy says that if you’re unhappy and carrying baggage, people can see that.  I personally can relate.  When I had lost 70 pounds on weight watchers, I was extremely thin and cute.  Guys paid attention to me…a lot.  But I was angry.  I call it my “skinny bitch” phase because I was cute, but a raging bitch.  I was resentful that guys were suddenly paying attention to me because of my body rather than my intellect.  So, I used them up and spit them out…which leads me to…

2. “You’re a slut.”  – Tracy says that if you get caught up in casual sex, you may miss the boat on finding a relationship.  That makes sense.  If you’re looking for someone to commit, you need to make him work for it (at least at little!).

3. “You’re selfish.” – I say this about myself all of the time.  When people ask me if I want to have kids, I say “No, I’m too selfish.”  It’s true.  I like my life as it is.  I think this probably comes across with men too.  You need to meet them in the middle, at the very least.

Ok, Tracy has convinced me that maybe I need to read her book.

How you doin'?

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