Blogging in the friendly skies

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to blog.  I’m actually taking advantage of free wifi on my flight to California.  Normally, it costs 13 bucks but I won a free round of it.  Woo hoo!  Just what I need – the chance to check my work email at midnight from 30,000 miles above – which, of course, I did.

It’s officially Wednesday now though when I arrive in San Diego, it’ll be Tuesday again.

So what to blog about?  Well, I spoke with my mom earlier today about yesterday’s blog post (see below) and how I referred to the mystery man as “John.”  Originally, I had included his name but one of my friends figured out who it was so I deleted that part.  She said if I used his name, it is slander.  Is it?  I did’t use his last name.  And, I do have a disclaimer on this site.  Is that enough?  Listen, I’ve posted this before, but it doesn’t hurt to say it again.  My goal is not to hurt anyone’s feelings with this blog.  If you think I’m writing about you and your perturbed about it, please read the “disclaimer” tab on this site and choose your favorite adventure.

Now, let me get some sleep on this plane.

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