Hospitals are not sexy.

Good evening my friends.  I’ve been missing in action for a while because I have been very ill and spent this past weekend in the hospital.  I’ve been out for two days and am quickly recovering, thank goodness.  Apparently I had a life threatening illness and had no idea.

Being in the hospital is very humbling.  Any beauty routines are pretty much thrown out the window.  You lie in a bed all day long in a gown that ties in the back, so basically your underwear is exposed when you do end up walking around (luckily I packed clean ones!). And your hair gets really nappy from lying down on it so much.  And don’t bother with makeup or anything because, really, what does it matter at that point.

So, I basically spent my time in the hospital flipping the channels, watching way too many episodes of “Four Weddings” and “Say Yes to the Dress” on TLC.  Ironically, while I was watching women trying on beautiful gowns, I was just dreaming when I could put on my own clothes again.

I was lucky, though.  Because my illness was contagious, I had a private room.  And my family brought me soup.

It taught me that life can change in an instant and, of course, there’s no place like home.

How you doin'?

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