On the Up and Up

Friends, it’s been a tough month.  As you saw from my last post, I was in the hospital last week.  Prior to that, I was very ill with bronchitis.  In between, I bid on three condos and lost out each time to bidding wars.  And then there is the other stuff going on in my life that’s best left unsaid.

Now that I’m on the up and up, I’m taking a step back to reexamine things in my life.  I think you tend to do that when you’ve been ill and then you’re on the mend.  For example, I’m embracing being outside more.  I was cooped up inside for weeks and wasn’t able to enjoy the summer sun.  Now, I’m trying to absorb as much natural Vitamin D before fall and shorter days begin to set in.  I’m also walking more.  I was so sedentary, watching mindless reality television and stressing over missing work and social engagements.  I’ve spent much of this past weekend just walking outside.

You start to value what’s important.  You realize who your good friends are; you cherish, even more, the ones who were willing to drop everything to come and help you out.  You embrace your work, even more than you did before, because you’re so happy to be doing it again.  And, you begin to think about the future again.

So, here I am, welcoming September with gusto and fervor.  This month marks the Jewish New Year – Rosh Hashanah – and followed by the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur.  In between the holidays, you are inscribed in the book of life; it is sealed on Yom Kippur.  I’m not a super religious person, but I do care about my religion.  I’m hopeful that I will be inscribed once again and that this will be an even better year.



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