One parking space or two?

Last night I was texting back and forth with a friend and she was asking me details about the condo I’m in the process of purchasing.  Yes, I’m finally biting the bullet and buying a home.  Me – the eternal romantic, the commitment phobe – is laying down roots.  Anyhow, so we’re texting and she asked me how many parking spaces come with my condo.

“One,” I replied, “With plenty of street parking and the option of renting a second space for $35 a month.”

And you know what my dear friend said in response?

She said that $35 was inexpensive because I’ll need to rent an extra space when the boyfriend moves in.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I’m single.  Hell, all you have to do is look at the URL of this site and it is obvious that I’m on my own.  But, it was a breath of fresh air to have someone still have faith that I’ll meet someone.  Because, to be honest, I’ve partially given up hope.  Perhaps it is due to my month of illness or general life stress, but I’ve put dating so low on the priority level right now. Way, way behind work, health, family, and condo is an itty bitty tribute to dating, which is pretty much logging into “OkCupid” once a week…or less.


I’ll get back there.  Yep, really soon.

Until then, I’ll be saving $35 a month on parking.

5 thoughts on “One parking space or two?

  1. You’re still more commited to finding someone than I am. I log into OKC only when someone sends me a message, whihc is VERY rare.

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