With all do respect, I do not date married men.

Today, I received two emails on OkCupid from married men.

The first email was from Saffron4, a 62-year-old man who wrote: “Hi, I’m a married Boston lawyer, early 60’s. are you open to being the friend and lover of an older married man?”

What about that sounds appealing?

My response: “With all do respect, I do not date married men.”

The second person, GreatCatchHere, wrote: “Interesting profile and nice smile.”

And then I looked at his profile:

Granted, he doesn’t say he is looking for romance, but rather, “for new friends.”  But, he could do that by volunteering, joining a co-ed sports team, anything else.  Instead, he joins a dating site and contacts a single, unmarried woman.  Read between the lines.

Then, at the bottom, he says he is looking for a “FWB.”

Just updated my profile and said that I’m not interested in dating a married man unless he is married to me!

2 thoughts on “With all do respect, I do not date married men.

  1. What is UP with these old guys hitting on young women? I’m not interested in a 62 year old, married or not! Or the 51 year old who picked me up on the bus, and was surprised to find I am 37 and not under 30. Grrrrrr.

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