Inject Some Animal Attraction Into Your Love Life

I got an email today from HurryDate, one of the popular speed dating websites.  The subject read: “Inject Some Animal Attraction Into Your Love Life!”  I don’t know who is doing their marketing, but that subject line just creeped me out.  And then, I clicked on the link and this is what the ad looked like:

Ok, even more lame!  It’s a promotion for a new TV show called “Beauty and the Beast,” which I’ve heard is horrible.  I’m not sure why HurryDate teamed up with the CW to promote the show this way.  I can just picture the planning meeting now.

The CW executive says to his team, “Friends, we’re in trouble here!  All of the reviews for the show made fun of the fact that our Beast is really hot and the only ‘beastlike’ thing about him is that he has a small scar on his face.  We need to think fast!”

One eager beaver shoots her hand up and says, “Ooh!  Ooh!  I have an idea!  We should team up with HurryDate because they must have a database full of desperate women who watch the CW!”

The CW executive nods at her and says, “Brilliant idea!”

And thus this woman (pointing at myself with two thumbs), obviously desperate and obviously in their database, ends up with an email encouraging me to “inject animal attraction” into my pathetic existence.  How about we start with a date before we get to the injections, huh (said like Archie Bunker, of course)?


How you doin'?

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