Still Feels Like Hump Day

It’s after midnight on a Wednesday-into-Thursday and I’m tired, but restless.  I keep getting up to get a bottle of water, brush my teeth, floss, wander around my apartment.  And then repeat.  Needless to say, I keep having to pee and my teeth are exceptionally clean right now.

I keep thinking about giving up on this blog.  I shouldn’t say “give up,” per se, but I’m getting a little tired of blogging all of the time about dating and relationships.  In reality, I have had very little experience in that category as of late.  I’ve been so focused on buying a condo, working, and volunteering that I’ve neglected that aspect of my life.  I’ve had a few moments, here & there, on online dating sites, but they’ve just been irritating me because I feel like it is a rotation of the same types of guys.  In fact, no matter what I write in my profile about what is important to me – including education and LTR – I still get the high school graduates who want to just “hook up” writing me all of the time.  How can I spell it out that that’s not what I want?

In all seriousness, though, I think I have to stop thinking and just let it go.  I think blogging about it puts a certain amount of pressure on me.  I have deadlines for Singles Warehouse and if I can’t get inspired, then I sit and pout about how I have no material for blogging.

Anyone have any tips how to get out of this perpetual funk?

One thought on “Still Feels Like Hump Day

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