Dream Wedding + Nose Jobs = Reality?

For some unexplainable reason – perhaps because I was tired of watching intellectually stimulating television like Gossip Girl – I tuned into a 2011 series from E! Network on Netflix today called “Bridalplasty.”

Have any of you watched this train wreck of a show?  You just can’t look away.

This “reality” show (and I used the term “reality” as loosely as possible) invites a series of engaged (plus 2 newlyweds who had courthouse weddings) women to compete for their dream Hollywood wedding.  But, here’s the kicker.  Each week, they compete to be “Top Bride.”  Their prize?  One plastic surgery of their choice.

Currently, I’m on episode 5 (out of 10) and I’ve seen 3 nose jobs, a boob job, and some lipo-suckage to the face and arms.

In the midst of the competition for this dream wedding and plastic surgeries, there is the usual reality show bickering and name calling.  One woman has, arguably, the brains of the group and she is picking people off, one by one, until she, perhaps, will win.

I know what you’re thinking.  Why are you watching this show?

It’s captivating, fascinating, and shamefully sad.

The truth is that there is not one unattractive woman on this show.  They are all beautiful as they are.  There are two women who are considered plus-sized and they’re both stunning.  I’ve seen them both physically active on the show (treadmills and the like) so it isn’t as if they are unhealthy couch potatoes.

Most of us are sensible enough to know that outer beauty can fade, or as I like to think, transform, but it’s the internal beauty that truly lasts.  While I can only assume there is a lot of editing, there are some seriously bitchy chicks on this show who don’t appear to have much internal beauty.  It makes me sad.

I wonder if, when these young women are older, they’ll look back fondly at this experience.  Or will they think, “That nose job didn’t change my life at all.”

I’m not against plastic surgery and I don’t judge people who have had it.  Power to you.  Who knows – I may choose to get it someday too.  We all have things about us that we’d like to fix.  But I’m pretty darn sure I won’t do it in front of the tv cameras.


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