Who is your Face Mate?

Have you heard about this dating site called “Find Your Face Mates?”

It’s fascinating.  You post your photo on their website and they match you with people whose face is similar to yours.  According to this ABC News article, the website uses facial recognition technology to find your match.  I heard about it on Howard Stern (of course).

So I thought I’d try it out.  In fact, I’m doing that while I write this post.  Currently, it is uploading my info from Facebook.  I’m using my current FB photo for this experiment.  I cannot wait to see who they think looks like me!

Drumroll please!

Um.  Uh.  This just showed up.


Should I take this as I am 100% unique?

I’m disappointed but hopeful I’ll get some matches soon!

One thought on “Who is your Face Mate?

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