Refusing to Give Up Hope

So, it’s been a while.  I’ve been really busy with my new job and haven’t had much energy to write after a long day.

But, I’ve decided to rejoin the online dating world.  I mean, technically, I’ve never left in the sense that my profiles are still up, but I haven’t actively been looking online.  I’m ready to begin again.

What are my obstacles, stumbling blocks, & challenges?  Well, there are many, but it’s tough when you get a flirt from a guy online and then you read what he has to say about himself:

Not sure what to write here. Been on this site and others a few times, not a fan of Internet dating but life is sometimes too busy to meet new people.

Ugh.  What makes me want to date this guy?  He starts out with a negative and then tells me, immediately, that he is not a fan of internet dating.  Dude, who is?  Then, he tells me he’s too busy to meet new people.  So, what makes me think you’ll have time for me?

I don’t mean to write him off completely, but take 5 minutes to write something thoughtful, anything but what you’ve written.

I feel like this is my online equivalent to what he wrote:

Overachieving perfectionist who is so picky that she refuses to settle on the lame guys she’s met online.  She’d much rather spend a Friday night on her couch watching Netflix than waste a couple of hours on small talk with you.

But, seriously, why would anyone ever want to date that person?

So instead, I look things that might be more enticing to a man.  I don’t know – would these things work?

Enjoys spending time helping her friends with their kids when their husbands are out of town.

Willing to make room for you in my closet and have saved my handyman projects just for you.

Wants to get in the car with you and drive to Newport to spend the day on the beach, stopping for fried clams along the way

I dunno know about you, but I’d date me.  Ok, if you read this blog enough, you know I’m only kidding and am completely aware of my faults.  But I hope that my strengths outweigh them and there is truly someone out there for me.

I refuse to give up hope.


2 thoughts on “Refusing to Give Up Hope

  1. I’m pretty sure that the next time I write a personals description, I will include the fact that I smash roaches with my bare hands. I feel that one fact completely and succinctly conveys the kind of woman I am.

    “Not sure what to write here. Been on this site and others a few times, not a fan of Internet dating but life is sometimes too busy to meet new people.”

    Honestly–I’d write your next sentence back to the guy and point out he’s not selling himself to you. Plus, “Dear Dude–I can’t work with boring. Sorry!”

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