Pillow Talk

It’s funny.  I have a new friend who mentioned to me that last night, while she was down about something, she turned to her husband for support and encouragement.  He helped her “not sweat the small stuff” and not worry about the thing that got her down.

It’s those type of little moments that I miss in life.  You know the ones.  You’re having a bad day at work and you just want to pick up the phone and be reminded that everything is going to be ok.

As a single person, you have to rely on yourself or, in you’re lucky, a good friend for these “pick-me-ups.”  But, sadly, your friends are often absorbed – and rightfully so – in their own hang ups so it’s tough to get them to be there for you at all of those right moments.

To me, that’s one of the benefits of being in a relationship.  You have someone there who is, hopefully, your best friend and confidant, to support you during even the littlest of crises.

I know, men, you’re mocking me.  Whenever I use the “I want a best friend” line with guys, they make fun of me and say that they hear that all of the time from women.  But, guys, you have to admit – isn’t it nice to have someone to have a little pillow talk with from time to time?

Annex - Day, Doris (Pillow Talk)_01

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