Meet Ya at the Airport…wink wink

Remember that post I did for Singles Warehouse about my experience at the Airport Bar?  Apparently, I was on the brink of something, but sadly, I missed out on my million dollar idea.  In an article on, there is a new website called, where you can connect with someone during a layover at the airport.  According to the article, Boston is the third largest community on this site and we Bostonians log on to the site more often than most communities.  Perhaps it is because of the outstanding amount of snow we received this past winter?  Perhaps we have a lot of people commuting out of Logan?  Or, maybe, just maybe, there are enough nooks and secret stairwells for a little hanky panky while switching flights.


So, in the spirit of this blog and my true investigative spirit, I checked out the website.

Wow, this homepage makes me want to get out of my pajamas, put on a dress and heels, and head for Terminal E!


Since I’m flying to Florida on Friday – weather permitting, of course – I thought I’d take the next steps and log in to see who’s cruising the airport tonight!

After spending the time to fill out my profile, I sadly couldn’t find Logan Airport on the list of choices.  Weird.  I chose Manchester-Boston just because it was the best alternative.  Then, I came upon this screen.


A-ha!  You can opt in or out.  I decided to say I’m at the airport now and see


if I get any matches.  And…here he is.  At least he is honest and says he’s seeing someone, but he’s “not committed.”  Sucks to be her.  Her man is looking for a little something-something at the airport.  Sadly, I don’t think he’ll be finding it tonight, considering I’m actually still at home in my pajamas.  Sorry Zvbxrpl….or is that your real name?

Good night, Boston!  See you on Friday at the airport!



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