Got Herpes?

I’ve now seen it all.  There is an online dating site called for people who have STDs.  Have herpes?  Find your soulmate here!  According to an article on USA Today, there are several dating sites that cater to the STD-crowd.

All joking aside, I actually think this is really great.  In full disclosure, I’m STD-free and would prefer to stay that way.  However, it’s pretty easy to contract an STD nowadays and it is great to know that there is a safe place where people can go who don’t have to worry about when to share this information with a partner.  I mean, how do you tell someone you meet on a dating site like or eHarmony that you have a sexually transmitted disease?  I can only imagine it must be awkward trying to figure out when to spill the beans.  Do you do it on an early date or when you think you’re going to get intimate with someone?  If you join a website like, it is like a safety zone.

Listen, I look at it like when I join the BBW websites.  I go to them because I feel like they are a judgement-free zone.  The guys who go there know I’m plus-sized because the sites are catered to us buxom babes.

So, power to you, STDaters!  Go out there and spread the herpes love….um….uh….you know what I mean.  Always practice safe sex, but enjoy a chance to be yourself!


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