Wanted: Your Help with Online Dating Profile. Apply Within.

My health is improving, my job is awesome, my home is purchased.  What is missing?  Oh, right, a partner to share these amazing milestones with!

So, I resubscribed to Match.com tonight!  It’s the one website that I’ve had the most success on.  I met two ex-boyfriends on Match and also made a good friend along the way.  So, I’m sprucing up my profile and I could really use your help, my dedicated readers and friends.  What the heck should I write?  Every time I write a profile, I read it over and it sounds awful.  I sound like I work too much (which I do) or I don’t exercise a lot (which I’m working on).  How do I make myself sound appealing to the opposite sex?  I know there are a couple of guys that read this blog a lot (you know who you are) and I could really use your advice here.  Answer in the comments or email me privately.  Let’s face it – what I really should write is that I have big boobs.  But, I’ll save that for a surprise for the first date.

I digress.

I need your help!  How do I portray that I have a nice job, a nice home, and now would like to include a nice man on my comfy couch?  Or, even better, I’m happy to go and cuddle with him on his own comfy couch.  See, I have a car so I can even drive to his home.  I don’t mind if he has been married before or has kids.  I’m good with kids (perhaps because I’m still one?).

You must’ve written your own online dating profile, right?  What did you say?  Did you land a man/woman with it?  What kind of pictures did you use?


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