Boredom Part #1

It’s dangerous when I get out of work on time and come directly home with no plans in the evening.  In a nutshell, I often get incredibly bored, jittery, and unable to focus on reading or watching TV.  I hear my mother’s voice in my head saying, “Why don’t you go for a walk?” and in theory, she’s absolutely right.  But, usually by then, it’s late, I’m jonsing for dinner, and then, just then, the boredom sets in.

This happened to me last night.  I got home, had dinner, and then tried to catch up on House Hunters International in my Hulu queue.  But, despite the lovely accents, I had no interest in watching a couple move from Ireland to Australia.  Yawn.  Ho Hum.  Boredom ensued.

I visited Match, eHarmony, OkCupid.  Same old faces.   Same old profiles.

So I decided to check out Craig’s List.  If you recall, I’ve done a Craig’s List experiment before and it entertained me for days.

But, this time, I took it more seriously and decided to write a real post to see if I attracted any decent guys amongst the dregs of society that usually hang out on CL.

Without listing the entire post, I basically said that I I’m looking for a man to share my life.

I wrote:

I own my own home and have a good job, so I spend a lot of time focused on my work. But, I’d really like to take a step back and make some room for an intelligent, hard working, honest, and nice guy. 

If you see yourself in the description below, please email me a hello.
Funny/Loves to Laugh
Has a steady job
Ok if you’re divorced or have kids
College educated or higherI’m not looking for photos of your bare naked chest or private parts. Only serious responses, please. I am not willing to post a personal photo on this ad, but if I trust that you’re seriously interested in getting to know me, I’d be happy to send you a photo.

And I will also admit that I may have mentioned that I’m cute and have big boobs.  Listen, I do and if you can’t shake what your momma gave you, well, then….
The responses started rolling in….

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