Love Letters, Vows, and Gypsies: A Night Out in Cambridge

Last night, I went to an intimate event featuring Meredith Goldstein and Devan Sipher.  Meredith is a writer for the Boston Globe, runs the “Love Letters” column, and recently wrote her first novel entitled The Singles.  Devan writes the Vows column for the New York Times and  published his first novel, The Wedding Beat.

I’m still processing the entire experience – the evening, the conversation – because I was surprised at my reaction to it.  While Meredith and Devan were sharing their experiences writing about love, relationships, and marriage, they both seem to have this very endearing optimism that, although they are both single, they will find their great love.  I couldn’t help thinking “I’m now a cynic.  I don’t think that way anymore!” as they smiled and spoke so enthusiastically.

Perhaps I’m jaded because Mr. Craig’s List turned out to be a controlling egocentric person.

Then again, I did meet him on Craig’s List so what was I thinking?  Perhaps it’s because I’m feeling incredibly hopeless and emotional this week?  I hate to admit this, but after I had a big meeting today, I got into my car and started sobbing.  For no reason.  Explain that one!

Regardless, I’m so grateful to Meredith and Devan for their optimistic view at relationships.  I mean, Devan writes the Vows column for the New York Times so he spends hours upon hours talking to engaged couples who are about to embark on the biggest commitment you can make (besides having a child, I think).  And he’s not jaded.  He talks about great love with such fervor and passion.

I need to remember last night’s presentation when I’m feeling down and jaded about relationships.  I think I’m just getting so tired of dating people who are obviously a mismatch.  It’s like trying to put a square peg in a round hole and all you end up with is heartache.

Readers, I’m going to stop this pity party and remind myself that although things didn’t work out with Mr. Craig’s List, there are still plenty of eligible, single, and kind men out there.

It’s funny.  Before I went to the event last night, I stopped off at a local fundraiser to show my support.  For a $20 donation, I could have my fortune told.  I paid the money and was told to ask the gypsies (a.k.a. two nice Jewish ladies wearing handkerchiefs on their heads) a “yes” or “no” question.  So, I bit the bullet and asked them if I would ever get married.

Want to know their response?

“With pretty eyes like yours and such a great personality, the answer is absolutely yes.”

It’s moments like those that keep the hope alive.

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