Sparks and Tingles

It’s 9:30pm on Thursday night and I just got home from a work event.  It was one of those 12 hour days when you have to remind yourself to stop and pee.  We all have them once in a while.  I came home, ate some dinner, and then sat on my couch to watch the latest episode of “Hart of Dixie” on Hulu.  I ended up shutting it off because I couldn’t focus on it.  It apparently wasn’t mindless enough for me!  Go figure.

So I’m now snuggled under my comfy quilt, laptop literally on my lap, and I’m listening to classical music to calm me down before I hit the hay.

So, I haven’t had a chance to update you, but Mr. Craig’s List has come and gone from my life.  We went out a few times and he’s now out of the country on business.  Let’s just say we’re not a match and leave it at that.

I’ve been communicating with a new fellow.  I met him on craig’s list as well!  He’s away on business right now so we’re chatting via email.  I know what you’re thinking and I’m thinking it too.  Email relationships are fleeting.  They aren’t real.  They aren’t built on anything substantial.

Yes, Yes, Yes.

But I so enjoy talking to him and his emails brighten my day.  He’s funny, smart, hard working, and cute!  So, I’m going to just enjoy our chats and hope that when he returns home, we can have dinner together and see how we do in person.  There’s one thing about email communication, but nothing beats the sparks you feel in person.

He keeps telling me he has tingles when we talk.  How adorable is that?

We’re going to call him Tingles.


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