Let’s bring back the romance in communication

I know you’re going to find this hard to believe, but I’m old fashioned when it comes to certain aspects of dating and romance.  I was thinking about this tonight as I watched the movie “Liberal Arts” on Showtime and the couple in the film, instead of emailing or “Facebooking,” writes letters to each other.  I remember a time when we still wrote letters and thank you notes, and sent paper invites. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about technology, but there’s something romantic about sending letters back and forth.  When I watch a Jane Austen flick (or read one of her novels), I love how suitors correspond with their ladies with pen & ink.

Nowadays, people ask each other out over text messages and dump each other over email.  We announce our engagements, pregnancies, and new relationships by changing our status on Facebook.  We express our love for each other in 140 characters on Twitter.  It’s modern, I know, and I love the instant gratification, but there’s something about sitting and devouring a letter from someone.  When I was in college, before we had the email of today, my boyfriend and I wrote each other love letters.  For 3 years.  It was romantic and sweet.  We’d give each other cards, just because.

quillI think we all need to make an effort to return the romance in our communications with each other.  I’m off to buy some new stationary…



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