Bye Crush, Hello July 4th!

And just like that I’m over my crush!  That’s what’s cool about having a crush when you’re 38.  You’re not 16.  You come to your senses and move on quickly.  I’m already communicating with a few newbies online (no craig’s list, thank goodness!) and to be honest, I deserve only the best. When I can see someone isn’t interested, you move on.  I’m intelligent, pretty, funny, and good hearted.  If someone doesn’t see that, then fuck ’em.  Fortunately, there are plenty of men out there who do see it.

So, it’s Sunday night and after a few days at work, I’m heading away for July 4th.  I cannot wait.  I need a break so badly.  Even after a balanced weekend of fun and rest, I know I need a break.

On an exciting note, my latest post for SW, Oops I did it again!, is going to be the feature of tomorrow’s #SWEXPERTCHAT.  How cool is that?

What are your plans for July 4th weekend?



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