High School Reunion: Shit, We’re Old!

I know it is so hard to believe with my youthful glow and all, but my 20th high school reunion is coming up this fall.  Yikes.  Gulp.

I am old.

da44c9c43ef46f5875d20de9f652437cI had a delightful brunch this morning with a few of my high school girls (hello, girls!) and they convinced me to go to Reunion.  I admit I had some reservations because, well, I’ll just say it – I’m not as svelt as I used to be in high school.  Then, I pointed out to one of my friends that no one is going to be focused on my fat ass.  They’re going to be more consumed with their own (no offense to anyone from my high school reading this who does not, in fact, have a fat ass).

I’m looking forward to it now.  We decided to ditch the husbands – oh, wait – and go solo, which, of course, works perfectly for someone who, well, has no husband.  It’s officially a girl’s night out, which will be a blast!  I might even crash at my friend’s house so we can be silly and get dressed together.  It’s like prom and homecoming all rolled into one, except this time we’re almost 40 and can buy booze.

Shit, we’re old.


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